Wednesday, April 13

Two Scrum Events this April

Yesterdays Scrum Event went very well with a record 70 people turning up. Craig did a splendid job of adjusting this planned talk on the fly to cope with the large number of Scrum beginners in the audience.

Wednesday 13th April 2011
Topic: Understanding and working with the uncertainty at the beginning of a project.
Craig will be using the use the backlog of concerns, problems and topics that the Scrum SIG members have constructed in previous meeting as an example of a project startup.
He will also facilitate a series of small work-group discussions that will highlight the difficulties and possible solutions of understanding and working with the uncertainty at the beginning of a project.

Wednesday 27th April 2011
Topic: Agile Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing by Ralph Hughes
While Agile approaches for the development of transaction- and data capture-applications have been around since before the publication of the Agile Manifesto  10 years ago, employing Agile methods such as Scrum and XP to build large, data-driven systems such as data warehouses is new.  New, but luckily just as effective. This briefing will provide an overview of how agile concepts can be applied to data warehousing and business intelligence projects to significantly shorten the development cycle from traditional waterfall-based methods.