Sunday, March 18

Created an interactive book for new readers on the iPhone / iPad

I have released my first iOS App A is for Ant

Designing and implementing this App has  been a fun exercise that has allowed me to get up to speed on Objective C and to explore a few ideas I have had about educational software.

For $0.99 you get:

A beginner reader story book (with easy, medium, and  hard versions) plus 13 games.
Easy version of the Story
Screen shots is from version 1.6.4 and the video is from version 1.4.5

Medium version of the Story
Hard version of the Story

Colour in Drawing

Solve jigsaws 
based on each page of the story
Matching game stimulates memory
 and letter recognition
Sound matching game promotes listening skills 
and phonemic awareness
Tracing game 
to help practice writing letters

Picture and Sound Game promotes listening
 and letter recognition. 

Word finding game promotes spelling
 and word recognition

Picture game that promotes creativity
Word Matching Game 

Match words with sounds

Match words with pictures
Sliding Puzzle
Flash Cards

What it looks like on an iPhone (YouTube Video)

What it looks like on an iPad (YouTube Video)

Apple taking a while to review the app this time.