Thursday, March 11

Melbourne User Groups

T here is a lot going on in Melbourne at the moment with as many as seven different completing ICT related events on some nights.

A few years ago I started keeping a list of IT related events that I regularly attended on my team wiki as a way of encouraging coworkers to do more professional development.

Eventually I moved the list to my Google Calendar and this blog. People started emailing me details of events and groups, and the list rapidly expanded. You will find upcoming events and a list of user groups on the right hand side of the blog. The list of groups has become unwieldy, therefore I have sorted them into rough categories below.

  • Business Analysts

  • Cloud Computing

  • Computer Clubs for Specific Platforms

  • Database User Groups

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Hardware and Electronics

  • How to Improve your IT Job Search

  • IT Pro Groups

  • Web Design and Implementation

  • Women in IT

  • For more information about IT and entrepreneurial events in Melbourne subscribe to the Melbourne Edition of the Startup Digest curated by yours truly.

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