Thursday, August 11

Online Resources for Software Developers

I facilitated a brown bag lunch for the company's developers today. The topic for the brown bag was online resources that are useful for software developer in their work. We came up with a list of which I have recorded in the following section. It is far from a comprehensive list, however it contains some interesting and useful resources.

Code Katas and Koan

These are exercises to help you to learn elements and features of programming languages.
Examples as follows


These are Internet radio shows often in either a interview style or a panel discussion style
Examples as follows>


These are screen capture videos of people demonstrating technology.
Examples as follows


These are Internet TV shows often in a interview style.
Examples as follows
  • FLOSS Weekly about open source software
  • InfoQ Tracking change and innovation in the enterprise software development community


MOOC stands for a Massive Open Online Course.
Examples as follows.


These are thread based discussion groups often centred around a particular technology
Often better for answering questions if the technology is niche.
Examples as follows

Question and Answer Sites

The members of these sites help each other by asking and answering questions
Often better for answering questions if the technology is common.
Examples as follows
  • StackOverflowis a programming Q&A site that’s free. 
  • Anyone can ask, answer, or edit questions on  Quora
  • ServerFault is a Q&A site for system administrators and desktop support professionals that’s free.


Rants, tips and tricks from those in the know.
Examples as follows

Events and Meetups

These sites help you find out what is happening in Melbourne

Sample Code and Code Projects

These sites give a more in depth treatment of problems
Examples as follows


  • The Wayback Machine. Have a broken link? An important resource that has disappeared? Go back in time and find it. 
Does anyone have some useful online resource that they would like to through into the mix?