Thursday, March 11

Melbourne User Groups

T here is a lot going on in Melbourne at the moment with as many as seven different completing ICT related events on some nights.

A few years ago I started keeping a list of IT related events that I regularly attended on my team wiki as a way of encouraging coworkers to do more professional development.

Eventually I moved the list to my Google Calendar and this blog. People started emailing me details of events and groups, and the list rapidly expanded. You will find upcoming events and a list of user groups on the right hand side of the blog. The list of groups has become unwieldy, therefore I have sorted them into rough categories below.

  • Business Analysts

  • Cloud Computing

  • Computer Clubs for Specific Platforms

  • Database User Groups

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Hardware and Electronics

  • How to Improve your IT Job Search

  • IT Pro Groups

  • Web Design and Implementation

  • Women in IT

  • For more information about IT and entrepreneurial events in Melbourne subscribe to the Melbourne Edition of the Startup Digest curated by yours truly.

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    Krishna said...

    This is very useful information Geoff. I didnt know melbourne had such a vibrant tech scene...


    Conrad said...

    Thanks for the useful list.

    Was wondering if you might know what's up with the Victoria Dot Net User Group site ... it's been "service unavailable" for a while now.


    Geoff Burns said...

    Victoria Dot Net Dev SIG seems to be using EventBrite now to publish their events.

    They to not seem to be updating the event list on their website.

    Alec said...

    I have a similar list at

    Alex Gunn said...

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    Geoff Burns said... is a good resource.

    Some upcoming Web Dev Events in Perth are :-

    Port80 Perth
    Agile, identity & user models, accessibility

    THURSDAY, FEB 6 5:30PM
    DevOps Perth
    The First DevOps Meetup of 2014!

    TUESDAY, FEB 18 - 5:30PM
    Perth Web Accessibility & Inclusive Design
    Accessibility cheat sheet

    THURSDAY, FEB 20 - 5:30PM
    Perth Django Users Group
    PDjUG Feburary 2014: Personal Pre-release Preview