Sunday, December 20

Restarted Melbourne Edition of Startup Digest

After a bit of a hiatus I have restarted the Melbourne Edition of Startup Digest, a weekly newsletter showing events in Melbourne that are of interest to entrepreneurs, creatives, technical professionals and business professionals.

It tends to be orientated towards the software industry. Despite things powering down for the holidays there is still quite a few events going on.

If you subscribe there is also a calendar of upcoming events (need to sign in).

Update: The following is an excerpt from the beginning  of the newsletter I put out on the 3rd of August 2017.


Silicon Beach

August 3rd 5:30pm
Drinks & Pitch Night
Royal Melbourne Hotel 629 Bourke Street, CBD | View in Calendar

Software Testing (Free)

August 3rd 6:00pm
Talk: Exploring SET - Arun Sivasubramaniyan 449 Punt Rd, Richmond | View in Calendar

Talk Data To Me (Free)

August 3rd 6:00pm
Discusses data and the infinite possibilities for the travel, transportation and tourism industry.
General Assembly 45 Williams Street CBD | View in Calendar

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al james said...

Thanks for this. I missed the newsletter when it was on hiatus. Especially when theFetch stopped too. It always keeps me informed about what is happening in Melbourne.