Thursday, November 23

Agile Development Talk

I just arrived back from the Agile Development Talk that the ACS e-Commerce SIG put on in Melbourne.

The presenter was Martin Bauer who has been managing projects using FDD (Feature Driven Development) for 6 years.

He talked about XP and Scrum as well as FDD. Unfortunately he did not know much about either XP or Scrum. He was on much firmer ground with FDD.

He did not cover many of what I considered the greatest benefits of agile practices. He did cover the reduced risk of failure and he did emphasize the importance of the human element.

The organizer suggested getting detailed requirements up front and an IID (Incremental and Iterative Development ) version of Waterfall.

I told him that requirements were like pornography, the client knows what he wants [the requirements] when he sees it.

It got a laugh.

I not sure were I stole that from. Perhaps a kind reader could tell me who originally said it.

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