Friday, November 24

Benefits of Courage

Developer face many challenges in the work place. Fear can get in the way of doing what needs to be done.

Fear that making a necessary change will break something else in the system.

Agile practices such as automated tests (unit and functional tests) and continuous integration help provide a safety net that is going help overcome this fear.

Fear of admitting you need help when you hit a roadblock.Agile practices such as pair programming and/or the daily scrum or the daily stand up meeting can help. Providing a safe environment is also important.

Fear of bucking the system,

of saying to your boss that what they are suggesting did not work last time and is unlikely to work this time. Getting agile practices adopted can require a little courage and some managing upwards.

Fear of saying no,

of saying that if you move the deadline forward by a month we will miss the deadline by a month unless you reduce the scope.

Other fears,
perhaps the readers can suggest other times where courage is needed.

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