Thursday, October 8

Jean Tabaka talk on Agile, Lean, and the PMO

Jean Tabaka agile coach and author of Collaboration Explained spoke at the Melbourne Scrum User Group meeting.

Jean presented on two topics
  1. Learning to Lean
  2. Agile, Lean, and the Project Management Office

Jean gave a good introductory talk on lean and explained how lean needed to be applied to a organization as a whole. She made a case for the PMO to act as facilitators instead of the common scenario of enforcers of static standards.

She expounded on the lead concept of standards as a baseline to be improved upon rather than something to be adhered to. Jean emphasized that actual behavior needed to be tracked rather than the process that people gave lip service to in order to give a true sense progress.

She also recounted some of her experiences in applying these idea in practice.

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