Tuesday, October 13

Inaugural ACS Mobility Meeting

This was a great first meeting for the Mobility SIG.

Topic: Open Mobile Miner (OMM) - A System for Real Time Mobile
Data Analysis 

The growth and proliferation of mobile and embedded devices presents 
an exciting new opportunity for intelligent data analysis. 

This talk will present our pioneering contributions in the area of 
Mobile and Ubiquitous Data Mining in terms of developing the first 
suite of resource-adaptive and energy-efficient data analysis and 
visualisation techniques. 

The talk outlined the system architecture and demonstrate Monash's
software tool for real-time mobile data analysis. The OMM system is 
operational on the Google Android and Symbian platforms. 
The talk also included application case studies for mobile data 
analysis in the areas of mobile healthcare, emergency / disaster 
management, Intelligent Transportation Systems and smart energy 

Finally, the seminar  included a discussion on the experience and
issues with respect to software development on the Android platform. >

The next meeting is planned for the 7th December in the CBD.

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