Wednesday, October 14

Personal Mission Statement

Recently I was asked to create a value statement for a professional organization. Which is strange thing to do when you think about it, as ultimately you can only declare your own values, not the values of others. However hopefully my thoughts will prompt discussion and lead people to truly assess what their own values are.

I found that by changing the word "we" for "I" in the document I was putting together, and making some other small changes; that it fairly well covered my own personal beliefs. This hardly surprising. What follows is my own personal mission statement.

Value Statement

I give value to customers, employers, co-workers, stakeholders, and employees by following these principles and being true to these values.


As a team member, I value respect for others time, money and opinions. I value the trust that this respect helps to build. I believe trust is essential to the ability to work effectively with others.

Transparency and Openness

As a knowledge worker, I value the courage to raise visibility and awareness of problems and opportunities in a timely manner. We value the integrity to say what others may not wish to hear, if this information will genuinely assist them (as opposed to merely making us feel better). I believe that like respect, transparency is necessary in order to build confidence through honesty and reliability; and build trust through integrity and professional conduct.

Professional Development

As a thought leader, I value commitment to continual improvement. I value keeping informed of trends and changes in society, industry, and the competitive environment. I value building the ability and flexibility to take advantage of these changes. I value preparing for the future by succession planning and developing young and upcoming talent. I believe in the power of the words of William Edwards Demming "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory."


As a professional charged with providing business value, I value consulting widely to obtain information from people with a diverse background that will form a solid basis for decisions. I value inclusivity in the decision making process. I value the engagement that inclusivity promotes. I believe that together we are smarter than the individuals that we are comprised of. I believe that by being inclusive and welcoming in terms of race, gender and age we create an environment worth participating in.

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